Are you bothered about these stupid cookie allowance buttons too ?

You’re right, but cookies are “cold coffee”, because there’s a lot more possible than just passive analyzing website statistics, performance, measuring and optimizing UI-design experience and visitors behavior from their past track (create personal profiles).

Did you know that a lot of sites use session replay scripts (if misused / configured, a sort of realtime visitor surveillance able to steal personal data and even full credentials) ?

Here in this PDF you can find a list of CH domain sites which use some another webvisitor analyzing techniques like e.g. Canvas-Font- and / or WebRTC-“Fingerprinting”, originally researched & published by ZHAW (ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences).
Some ways of prevention to cut their script and their possible impact are:

a) Scriptblocker
Using browser add-ons like:

b) Secure authentication
Also the 2FA (two factor authentication) should be a must in these times:

c) Domain Name System (DNS)
Old fashioned, but effective: maintain your /etc/hosts file with all these providers.

[./etc/hosts] localhost
and so on …

Unfortunately you’ll never up to date and get paranoid for sure. In the end, we will pay a high price for the comfort in the information age.  A tragic fact is also that the biggest part of the users will never have a change to protect them appropriate, as in real life.

Or, do you really think some traffic light and cross-walk bars protect you on your way as pedestrian ?

Bad humans / enterprises make our lives painful – but they say: “we make the world a better place” or as an former Google slogan “don’t be evil” … so, happy future to all of us !

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